NTF's 1st. Annual Aquascape Competition

By Nautilus Tropical Fish (other events)

Saturday, June 29 2019 9:00 AM 3:00 PM

Nautilus Tropical Fish is proud to present its First Aquascape Competition.

Come show us your scape abilities and win the title of "First ever NTF's CHAMPION"  and an amazing Ultum Nature Systems 60U aquarium complete with a newly released Ultum Nature Systems stand and more.

Don't want to compete? Come cheer your favorite Aquarist, enjoy the fun and try your luck at one of our many raffles.

Aquascape Competition


Competitor's entry fees include the following:

(1) Ultum Nature Systems 45S aquarium.

(1) Aqua Japan AJ-50 llight 

(1) Dymax Slim Filter and

(2) 3L of Controsoil or equivalent in sand.

VALUED $200!!!!


1st Place Grand Prize: Ultum Nature Systems 60U Aquarium complete with a newly released Ultum Nature Systems stand. Light, filter, and lily pipes. Valued over $1,000.00 and the title of "First Ever Champion"

2nd. Place: $500.00 store credit at NTF (To be claimed in ONE transaction)

3rd. Place : $250.00 store credit at NTF (To be claimed in ONE transaction)



This event is primarily a friendly way for hobbyists to share their aquascaping efforts with each other, and to learn better techniques through the display and evaluation of those efforts. The contest will also allow hobbyists to compete for prizes. The event is open to all hobbyists, regardless of age, national origin or degree of experience in the hobby.

The focus of the event is on Aquascaping in freshwater aquaria with one general category to be judged.

Each entrant will need to:

1. Complete a form with their personal information.

2. Agree and sign an event waiver.

3. Supply a short explanation of their aquascape theme.


Judging will be conducted with each aquascape identified only by number; i.e. the judges will not know the identity of the entrant whose aquascape they are considering. Judges do not communicate with each other when scoring each aquascape.

Within each category, each judge's ranking (not raw score) for the aquascapes will be harmonically averaged to determine the overall placing of aquascapes within the category. Awards (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) will be given to the three highest placed aquascapes.

The decisions of the judges are final.

There are four basic criteria which we wish considered in the judging of the aquascapes entered in the contest. They are:

• Overall Impression (35 points)

• Composition, Balance, Use of Space, Use of Color (30 points)

• Selection & Use of Materials (20 points)

• Viability of Aquascape (15 points)

Competitors will bring all hardscape materials, live plants, any fish/invertebrates, aquascaping tools, design materials, and an exciting aquascaping  design! It would be best to bring your fish bagged or in a bucket to carry the fish to and from the show.

All tanks will be remmoved by the time stablished by the competitor.

A short description of the final work should be give to the judges at the time of judging.

Specifics details in regards of times, set ups and more will be emailed to the competitors after registration.